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Online Coaching/Program Design

Why Online Coaching and program design?

  • Because you are tired of spinning your wheels and not making the progress you desire.
  • Because you are a busy Dad with a life full of responsibilities.  Figuring out what to do to stay in shape is just one more thing on your “To-Do” list that isn’t getting done.
  • Because when you look in the mirror, the guy looking back is not you.  It’s not the athlete that you used to be.  It’s not the guy that still lives inside of you some where.
  • Because you want to be healthy and set a good example for your kids.
  • Because the “bro” splits that used to keep you in shape just leave you exhausted and broken.
  • Because you don’t have time for those “bro” splits anymore.  You need a new approach that will get you results in the time you have.

Why am I the help you need?

Because I am you.  I have a wife that I love, two daughters that I adore, and a big yellow dog asleep at my feet as I type this.  I’m a business owner with a full schedule and I would kill for an extra hour or three each day.  I’ve also got a mortgage, car payment, school tuition payments and an occasional credit card bill.  Despite that, I keep myself in shape.  I do that without having to sacrificing any of what needs to be done as a husband and father.  I can show you how to do it too.

Me being pulled out of my comfort zone by an 80lb bell.

How does this work?

Your program is based on a monthly alternating cycle of accruing work and then making the work a little more intense.  The fancy word for that is periodization and it’s nothing more than an orderly way of altering your program variables so that you continue to make progress and keep from getting bored.

  • Your program will be emailed to you the last week of the month in preparation for the following month of work.
  • Each week, you will be required to email in a copy of your nutrition log and your training log.  This is due no later than 8:00pm each Saturday evening.
  • This gives me the chance to look over it and get feed back to you by Tuesday of the following week at 4:00pm.
  • Online coaching clients agree to at least three months of coaching.
  • This comes with a money back guarantee with the following stipulations.  If you follow your program exactly as it is designed and meet all of the above criteria and you are unsatisfied with your results, you will get a 100% refund.

How do I get started?

There are limited spots for online coaching clients.  As a result, the vetting process I have put in place will help both of us to determine whether:

  1.  we are a good match.  If not, no harm, no foul.  It’s okay and it’s not personal if we aren’t.  I am not for everyone.
  2. this is the right service for you.  The KB 3:60 is a great program and perfect for those that don’t have any exacting goals.  If you are looking to get in shape again and live a great life, that program will do the trick.  But if you want to go deeper than that, if you need something more tailored to your specific needs and goals, then online coaching might be for you.

To begin that vetting process, there are a simple set of marching orders.

  1. Send me an email at dscott@trinityfitnessinc.com
  2. Make the subject line “online coaching”.
  3. I will then send you a link to a Google docs questionnaire.
  4. Fill out the questionnaire and submit.

After receiving your questionnaire, I will look over it and contact you in regards to how to go forward.

KB 3:60

KB 3:60 is a program geared for busy dads that just want to go do the work without having to figure out what to do.  You can find out more about the KB 3:60 program here.